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Genius Idea

I love Yoga Block Sock. These washable yoga block covers are perfect for me as I travel so much for work. Such a genius idea. 

Lilly Keys.JPEG

Lilly Keys

Celebrity make-up artist

Game Changer

I’m a yoga teacher and breath work coach. I always use yoga blocks for my private clients. Finding Yoga Block Sock was a game changer as I no longer need to worry about the sweat left on the blocks that are hard to clean. Yoga Block Sock is easy to use, washable and so stylish, the blocks look brand new each time I use them and my clients love it!

Esti Chizic.png

Esti Chizic 

Smooth & Comfortable

I’ve had my pair of Yoga Block Sock for a couple of months now - plenty of time to give them a workout! They are easy to slip on and off and provide a great fit for my blocks. They are smooth and are comfortable in poses with no bumps and lumps like my old block covers had. When class is over, they wash up like a dream. They are a great tool offering a bit more peace of mind in these challenging times.

Tess Munich

Easy To Care For

COVID has me worried about germs on so many levels as my family is at high risk. These clever little Yoga Block Socks have taken the worry out of my practice. I love that you can throw them in the wash with your leggins after every practice.

Michelle McKinley

Hot 8 yogi

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