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Debbie and Jill met in London in 2002, where Debbie cast Jill to be the incarnation of video game character Lara Croft. They became close friends through their extensive travels to promote the game “The Angel of Darkness”. They always thought they would work together again and their shared passion for health & wellness brought them together in LA.


Recently, they started partnering on fitness/yoga/wellness events and are now super excited to introduce the Yoga Block Sock to the market place for your enjoyment and safety.  



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My name is Jill de Jong,  I spent many years traveling the globe as a full-time fashion model until I realized that my heart was longing for more purpose.  I found my passion in health and wellness and I transitioned my career towards helping others as a health coach, personal trainer and published author (cookbook “Models Do Eat”).


I’m orginally from Holland and live with my sweet man between beautiful Malibu, CA and Maui. I enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. You will often find me running, cycling, swimming, improving my surfing skills and of course on the yoga mat to recover from all of these activities and decompress from life’s stresses.


I’ve been practicing yoga for twenty years now and the mat is still a favorite place to connect to myself. Moreover, I thank yoga for contributing to my pain-free body.



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My name is Debbie Lash. My primary job was spending 10 wonderful years in the computer games industry, casting and managing all the worldwide Lara Croft models.  But upon becoming a mother for the first time I sought a more holistic lifestyle, which dovetailed perfectly into me making a big career change; I jumped from the corporate world to being a full-time yoga teacher. I then added health coaching and nutrition to my repertoire and have never looked back. Im currently a teacher at Yogaworks and Hot 8 Yoga in Los Angeles.

I’m originally from New Zealand but spent 23 years living in London before falling in Love with LA. I have been here for 6 year now, with my gorgeous husband Johnny and our two kids, Arthur (12) and Audrey (10).
I’m a sun and fun adventure seeker, with my fitness regime consisting of skiing, hiking, running, spinning, surfing and most recently triathlon’s.  
Yoga is my way of life both on and off the mat.

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